The Pisces Foundation believes in the power of partnership and collaboration. The greatest opportunity to accelerate progress toward a healthy planet lies in purposeful connection, shared priorities, and scaled, collective action.

We encourage and facilitate networking amongst our grantees and diverse problem solvers.

And we participate in formal and informal networks with our grantees and with other foundations to exchange information, share learning, and align to create greater impact and results.

Since launching in 2013, we have awarded more than 1,100 grants to over 350 organizations around the world to further our goal of creating a planet where people and nature thrive together.
We are committed to our grantees and grant applicants:
We respect the knowledge and expertise of the organizations with which we interact.
We give realistic and timely feedback to prospective grantees about the likelihood that we will fund their work and where it might fit with our areas of focus.
When we solicit a proposal, we take the time to understand the needs of a prospective grantee and explain our goals, strategies, and our grant-making process.
We strive for efficiency in our interactions with prospective grantees about their proposal and budget by aiming to communicate feedback comprehensively.
We design grant reporting requirements so that they allow us and grantees to evaluate and learn.
We aim for strong, collaborative relationships with our grantees that help them succeed in their work.
If funding priorities or timelines change, we strive to give sufficient lead-time to adjust.

We are part of our field

We believe building relationships and working closely with other foundations and field organizations can catalyze and accelerate solutions. We’re active members in these associations and organizations: