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At Pisces Foundation, we make grants to support innovators who know what it takes and are doing what’s necessary to:

Climate and Energy

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Environmental Education

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Guarantee clean and abundant water for all

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Learn more about the importance of systems change in social change in this roundtable where our #enviroed partner @ErikStegman from @NativeGiving shares “how collective impact is an approach working toward a more indigenous worldview.”
@PiscesFnd 25 Jan 2022
Our #environmentaleducation partner @newmexicoee understands the value of a community-driven process as they build environmental and #outdoorlearning in New Mexico.
@PiscesFnd 24 Jan 2022
#Water partner @USWaterAlliance’s new Recovering Stronger Knowledge Map features examples of successful policies and programs that states can use to enable recovery and lasting water management transformation. Follow this link to navigate the map:
@PiscesFnd 24 Jan 2022
The Green Infrastructure Leadership Exchange advances #OneWater solutions, such as green stormwater infrastructure, in cities across North America, esp. w/ a new guide released w/ @EarthEconomics. Learn more in our water grantee spotlight:
@PiscesFnd 21 Jan 2022
#Water partner Green Infrastructure Leadership Exchange works to accelerate the adoption of green stormwater infrastructure by leading education & collaboration across cities & counties. Hear from their executive director, Paula Conolly:
@PiscesFnd 21 Jan 2022
Water program partner Green Infrastructure Leadership Exchange enables practitioners & policymakers to advance #greeninfrastructure more equitably. Learn more in our latest grantee spotlight:
@PiscesFnd 21 Jan 2022
W/ a sense of cultura y familia, @LatinoOutdoors creates safe, inclusive & welcoming spaces for Latinx families by expanding outdoor experiences & hosting various activities. The #EnviroEd program is proud to support their work!
@PiscesFnd 20 Jan 2022
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