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On this rainy day in LA, we are proud to support our partners @OurWaterLA & @WaterFdn working to build a better #water future for Angelenos and the local environment.
@PiscesFnd 15 Feb 2019
To meet the world’s #climate goals and keep communities healthy, we must embrace these readily available solutions to significantly reduce super pollutants alongside CO2.
@PiscesFnd 14 Feb 2019
“It’s time to liberate all these water data sets from their digital prisons and put them to work for us.” – Peter Colohan, the new leader of the Internet of Water @NichInstitute #opendata #waterdata
@PiscesFnd 12 Feb 2019
In a major health & community victory, the city of Pittsburg is taking important steps to address lead contamination and provide residents with safe, affordable drinking #water. @NRDC says, “It’s what Pittsburgh—and every community in America—deserves."
@PiscesFnd 11 Feb 2019
Our Climate & Energy Program Associate @VrindaManglik recently attended #WSFF2019. Hosted by @yubariverpeople, @WildScenicFilms showcases environmental & adventure films to inspire change and accelerate a world where people & nature thrive together.
@PiscesFnd 11 Feb 2019
Our grantee @PacificInstitut developed a new interactive online mapping tool! Learn how business investment in sustainable landscapes can improve #water quality and make urban communities more resilient to #climatechange.
@PiscesFnd 9 Feb 2019
Did you know that an ‘Internet of Water’ is being created? New leader Peter Colohan will work to realize the vision of connecting water data for sustainability. #waterdata #water
@PiscesFnd 8 Feb 2019
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