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The results of our Water Program #RFP are in! We are pleased to support 8 new #partnerships working to ensure we’ll all have clean & plentiful #water today & tomorrow @A4GL @BlueWaterBmore @COHighLineCanal @IronboundCC @nwfsouthcentral @pittsburghparks @PUSHBuffalo @wecprotects
@PiscesFnd 17 Jul 2018
We believe in a world where people & #nature thrive together. Confirmed by a new study (using data from >290 million people!), spending time in nature has positive long-term impacts on our #health & well-being. Article has link to full journal article.
@PiscesFnd 16 Jul 2018
Thankful for the opportunity to be at #OneWater Summit 2018 w/ great thinkers, doers, funders, researchers, & so much more. #PiscesFdn Pres David Beckman spoke on a panel about #philanthropy & #water to discuss how #collaboration can help activate smart water solutions at scale.
@PiscesFnd 13 Jul 2018
Proud to support the work of @USWaterAlliance and participate in panel on philanthropy at #OneWater Summit. #PiscesFdn Pres David Beckman shares that “good policy, equity, 21st century solutions, & passion = clean and sufficient #water for all."
@PiscesFnd 12 Jul 2018
If effectively implemented, the just-released China VI emission standard for new heavy-duty vehicles will lower emissions of harmful particles by over 90% in every new diesel truck and bus. This will benefit local air, #humanhealth, and #climate:
@PiscesFnd 10 Jul 2018
Take a look @ the action blueprint for #OneWater from grantee @USWaterAlliance. Art can help people & #nature thrive together through reimagining traditional approaches to #water planning & management while helping us connect w/ communities in new ways.
@PiscesFnd 9 Jul 2018
“Now is the time to define our nation’s water future.” Looking forward to doing that at @USWaterAlliance’s #OneWater summit. #PiscesFdn pres David Beckman will be there to discuss the need for #cleanwater solutions so people & nature can thrive together.
@PiscesFnd 7 Jul 2018
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