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At Pisces Foundation, we make grants to support innovators who know what it takes and are doing what’s necessary to:

Climate and Energy

Achieve a safe, stable climate

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Environmental Education

Provide kids with environmental know-how to create a sustainable world

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Guarantee clean and abundant water for all

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A recent report by @DigDeepH2O and our grantee @USWaterAlliance proposes a national plan of action to #CloseTheWaterGap in the U.S. and increase access to clean, reliable running water so that all communities can thrive.
@PiscesFnd 21 Jan 2020
Reducing water pollution from agriculture and concentrated animal feeding operations can help prevent toxic algal outbreaks. Learn how our grantee @NRDC is #TacklingToxicAlgae through its new interactive map and report:
@PiscesFnd 17 Jan 2020
Our grantee @ConservationFnd worked with local community residents and partners in Atlanta to develop greenspaces and parks to help address flooding and promote renewal in the area. Learn more about the newest park and its green infrastructure measures:
@PiscesFnd 16 Jan 2020
@BlueSkyFunders @saraminzadeh @JoseLAranda1 @SFBayFerry @Nature_Rachel @AdamLCutsinger @JasonAMorris3 "Sometimes it can seem like nature is somewhere else, but it's really all around us. I like getting outside with family, even for an hour or two over a busy weekend. It clears your mind and is a way to connect with both people & nature." –President David Beckman #RethinkOutside
@PiscesFnd 14 Jan 2020
Our grantee @NRDC is #TacklingToxicAlgae by empowering farmers to adopt better agricultural practices and supporting cities to implement green infrastructure. Learn more about solutions that keep our families and waterways healthy:
@PiscesFnd 13 Jan 2020
Proud to support @WorldResources in highlighting opportunities for countries to enhance their national climate plans & set stronger targets to mitigate #SuperPollutants. Read our grantee spotlight to learn about WRI's work toward a safe & stable climate:
@PiscesFnd 10 Jan 2020
We’re excited to spotlight our #water grantee @ewg, which protects human health and the environment through research, advocacy, and education. Visit our website to learn more about EWG’s work protecting drinking water and #TacklingToxicAlgae:
@PiscesFnd 10 Jan 2020
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