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Parks and rec are “critical infrastructure to society…However, they also represent places of discrimination, segregation, trauma and disparity." Check out our partner @NRPA_news resource on the history of #equity in #parks and rec:
@PiscesFnd 14 Jun 2021
As Pisces President David Beckman says, “...equity, inclusivity, and justice are not in addition to fixing climate change. They are one and the same.” Learn more about the @donorsofcolor pledge and why it’s crucial to prioritize BIPOC-led orgs in funding:
@PiscesFnd 11 Jun 2021
Young people build a strong bond with #nature in many different ways—from playing sports to fishing and hunting. Learn more about the #research in a new blog from Pisces #EnvironmentalEducation Program Associate @Nature_Rachel.
@PiscesFnd 10 Jun 2021
“To be comfortable outside—and to care about nature enough to sustain and restore it—we need to have frequent meaningful outdoor experiences.” Read more in #EnviroEd Program Associate @Nature_Rachel’s new blog. #RethinkOutside
@PiscesFnd 8 Jun 2021
Congratulations to our long time #EnviroEd partners @JusticeOutside on their new name! We look forward to our continued work toward a just and equitable world where people and nature thrive together.
@PiscesFnd 4 Jun 2021
.@UNESCO declares #enviroed must be a core curriculum component for all #education systems at all levels by 2025.
@PiscesFnd 4 Jun 2021
There are many ways to have a meaningful experience #outdoors. Read #EnviroEd Program Associate @Nature_Rachel’s latest blog to learn more about how young people can build strong bonds with nature. #RethinkOutside
@PiscesFnd 3 Jun 2021
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