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Our Grants Manager @JessicaHickok is at the @peakgrantmaking conference this week, exploring the "how" of #grantmaking. Yesterday, she led a packed conversation about best practices for grant agreements; find highlights of the conference at #PEAK2018
@PiscesFnd 21 Mar 2018
Grantee @WaterAlliance is leading the way towards a world where #water is valued & accessible to all. Learn more about water equity in the #GreatLakes by reading their new report released this week!
@PiscesFnd 17 Mar 2018
A Norwegian shipping company has pioneered one of the first zero-emissions, battery-powered ferries. Widespread electrification could make #shipping more sustainable by reducing #emissions of powerful greenhouse gases.
@PiscesFnd 15 Mar 2018
Research by grantee @NRDC & other organizations indicates that small, rural #water utilities struggle to comply with #health regulations. That’s why infrastructure upgrades and implementing conservation practices on farmlands are so important.
@PiscesFnd 14 Mar 2018
Kudos @AchieveInc for innovative work! High-quality NGSS-aligned science units can get a digital badge, allowing educators to make smart decisions abt instructional materials. Since #NGSS is rich w/ environmental principles & concepts, this = stronger #EnviroEd for all. Win-win!
@PiscesFnd 13 Mar 2018
Preventing food waste reduces emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Less #methane emissions mean a world where nature and people can thrive together. #SaveTheFoodCA
@PiscesFnd 7 Mar 2018
There's a large opportunity for the cooling industry to make energy-efficient and #HFC-free cooling equipment to meet growing cooling demand in a way that allows people and planet to thrive:
@PiscesFnd 1 Mar 2018
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