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As philanthropy grows its efforts to contribute to methane reductions, three next steps are critical: 1. Methane efforts work hand in hand with a just transition away from fossil fuels 2. Funding decisions are informed by the field 3. More funds flow!
@PiscesFnd 2 Dec 2021
This is the “methane moment.” There is no solution to climate change that doesn’t involve a drastic reduction of all pollutants. Read our latest blog about our current methane moment, how we got here, and what needs to come next on our website:
@PiscesFnd 30 Nov 2021
A new op-ed by #Water partner @txwater's @jenw_austin highlights how water reuse & other #OneWater strategies help balance development w/ protecting our overburdened water resources.
@PiscesFnd 23 Nov 2021
In a new blog, Pisces President David Beckman and Climate and Energy Program Officer Fanta Kamakaté share about the "methane moment" that we are in and how our partners paved the way.
@PiscesFnd 19 Nov 2021
During #COP26, Pisces & 20+ foundations committed $300M+ to reduce methane emissions. Shout out to our stellar partners Energy Foundation China, Methane Partners Campaign,@CATF,@Earthworks,@GreenLatinos,@Oxfam,@WRI & @EDF for driving us forward on methane!
@PiscesFnd 18 Nov 2021
RT @DiverseGreen: "You might be wondering, why does Green 2.0 release this data, year after year? Because the importance of data transparen…
@PiscesFnd 18 Nov 2021
Transparency is an important step toward accountability and real change. Check out the new @DiverseGreen 2021 Transparency Report Card to learn how enviro foundations value equity:
@PiscesFnd 17 Nov 2021
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