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Pisces President David Beckman's new blog condemns the insurrectional violence at our Capitol & calls on foundations like ours to address racism & injustice. We stand with our partners whose insights & passionate advocacy are powerful catalysts for change.
@PiscesFnd 15 Jan 2021
Our partner @DiverseGreen’s 2020 Transparency Report Card sheds light on the current state of diversity in the environmental movement. We’re glad to see progress toward more people of color in the field & will work for continued improvement through data transparency & advocacy.
@PiscesFnd 14 Jan 2021
As we join calls for unity and a recommitment to civility in our public life, we underscore that the broader canvas of racism and systemic injustice laid bare this year, requires a reckoning. Read Pisces President David Beckman’s latest blog:
@PiscesFnd 12 Jan 2021
As we face a dire pandemic, worsening economic crisis, & racial reckoning overdue for centuries, Pisces President David Beckman joins 150+ philanthropic colleagues in condemning violence & calling on leaders to protect democracy. #PhilanthropyForDemocracy
@PiscesFnd 11 Jan 2021
We can be part of, and encourage others to join in, what @ayanaeliza and @K_Wilkinson in “All We Can Save” have called the “mosaic of voices—the full spectrum of ideas and insights for how we can turn things around.” Read our full statement:
@PiscesFnd 8 Jan 2021
We can take up a truer and more impactful approach that supports anti-racist and feminist leadership and principles, and values the expertise derived from lived experience as much as from academic study.
@PiscesFnd 8 Jan 2021
Among other things, foundations, like ours, and their partners must center justice and equity in their work and relationships, support frontline communities in meeting needs they identify, and foster new collaborations that meet the scale of the challenges we face.
@PiscesFnd 8 Jan 2021
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