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Check out #PiscesFdn #blog to learn abt efforts of @theicct + @EnergyFdn to reduce black carbon in China. "Compliance + enforcement, making sure vehicles on the road are as clean as they are supposed to be = key area of work in China in the next few yrs."
@PiscesFnd 20 Sep 2018
Great piece on #SuperPollutantDay by Heather Clancy @greentechlady @GreenBiz abt #SuperPollutants, a hot topic at #GCAS2018. Read how addressing these #climate pollutants could "avert up to 2.4M premature deaths + save up to 50M metric tons of crops/year."
@PiscesFnd 19 Sep 2018
We're excited for #PiscesFdn pres David Beckman to be a panelist on @NorCalGrant's "The New Normal: Capacity Building During a Time of Disruption." Join on 9/25 to learn more about #movement building, collective efforts to build #capacity, & how we can #collaborate for change.
@PiscesFnd 18 Sep 2018
Thanks @InsidePhilanthr for the insightful recap on philanthropy’s role in #GCAS2018, including the importance of reducing #SuperPollutants, in addition to CO2, to meet the world’s #climate goals so we can all advance more quickly to a world where people & nature thrive together.
@PiscesFnd 17 Sep 2018
Today’s joint $4 billion commitment to fight #ClimateChange is a down payment for the health of our planet. But it’s still not enough. Everyone has a role to play. We’re proud to be one of 29 foundations contributing to a safe, stable climate. #GCAS2018 #StepUp2018
@PiscesFnd 14 Sep 2018
Industry and @NRDC agree that fast action is needed on #climatechange and are taking steps to phase out HFCs. The sooner we #ActOnClimate, the sooner we'll accelerate to a world where people and #nature thrive together. #GCAS2018 #StepUp2018 #SuperPollutants
@PiscesFnd 14 Sep 2018
#PiscesFdn co-founder & trustee Bob Fisher @GCAS2018 says, "Cutting ALL climate pollutants is how we get to a safe, stable #climate." This includes cutting #SuperPollutants like #methane, black carbon, + HFCs to address #climatechange, health, + air pollution at the same time.
@PiscesFnd 14 Sep 2018
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