Environmental Education

Environmental Education

Knowledge about the environment is indispensable to protecting it—to our very ability to make sustainable decisions for current and future generations. Environmental literacy creates the conditions that enable current and future environmental challenges, ranging from climate change to water scarcity, to be durably solved. It does so in part by changing the context in which environmental, public health, and natural resource decisions are considered and ultimately made. It’s a game-changer.

The goal of the Pisces Foundation’s environmental education program is to lead an effort to improve environmental literacy in the U.S., expanding the quality and availability of both formal and informal environmental education. To do this, we will help build a strong field, one that is well-resourced, built on strong evidence, and effective in communicating about the benefits it bestows on individuals and communities. The result: people equipped and empowered to protect their health and the environment, creating a more sustainable world.

Our recent Environmental Education grants include:

    • California Academy of Sciences

      To support the Academy’s Global Environmental Literacy Initiative, designed to scale environmental education across the U.S., reaching tens of thousands of kids each year.
    • Lawrence Hall of Science

      To support the BEETLES program and to infuse research-based approaches and tools into out-of-school environmental education providers to improve science teaching and learning.
    • Blue Sky Funders Forum

      To further the Blue Sky Funders Forum’s role as a hub for funders to promote learning and collaborative funding opportunities that connect people and nature and advance environmental literacy.
    • Stanford University School of Education

      To research, convene, and write about K–12 pathways to achieve environmental literacy.
    • Achieve

      To support the development and dissemination of high-quality exemplars of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) lessons.
    • North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)

      To build the capacity of NAAEE and enhance its role as a leader and backbone for the field of environmental education.

Interested in more information about environmental education?

The North American Association for Environmental Education supports networks, publishes reports, and makes available a wide variety of information on curriculum and professional development. The Blue Sky Funders Forum connects organizations and individuals interested in environmental education and provides a resource hub of information about the field.