Climate and Energy

Climate & Energy

Reducing global warming is necessary to protect our health, communities, and economy against profound impacts. Doing so requires aggressively tackling all pollutants that cause warming. The Pisces Foundation’s climate & energy program is pursuing a strategy that will contribute to this goal: cutting emission of black carbon, methane, HFCs, and ground-level ozone. Collectively referred to as short-lived climate pollutants, each is a powerful contributor to global warming.

There are practical and proven ways to reduce these pollutants. In addition, slashing emissions can prevent millions of premature deaths every year and improve crop yields. The result of a campaign to curtail short-lived climate pollutants: a reduction in the rate of warming, improved human health and ecosystem protection, and momentum in the overall effort to transition to a clean energy future.

Our recent Energy and Climate grants include:

    • Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development

      To accelerate a global phasedown of HFCs and reduce other short-lived climate pollutants by educating stakeholders about the benefits of this strategy.
    • International Council for Clean Transportation

      To reduce black carbon pollution from heavy-duty trucks and buses globally by providing technical support and experise.
    • Energy Foundation

      To reduce black carbon emissions from diesel vehicles by accelerating vehicle emissions control.
    • Clean Air Task Force

      To reduce methane and black carbon emissions by providing technical support and expertise.
    • European Climate Foundation

      To support the achievement of a cleaner shipping future by providing strategic communications capacity.
    • Rethink Food Waste through Economics and Development (ReFED)

      To reduce food waste in the U.S. through stakeholder engagement, the launch of a funder collaborative, and innovative food waste solutions.

Interested in more information about energy and climate issues?

Climate Nexus is a strategic communications organization dedicated to changing the conversation on climate and clean energy solutions in the United States. The Climate and Clean Air Coalition to Reduce Short Lived Climate Pollutants (CCAC) is an international initiative to support fast action and make a difference on several fronts at once: public health, food and energy security, and climate.