San Francisco, CA

Our Purpose

Welcome to the Pisces Foundation.
Motivated by a vision of people and nature thriving together, we work to advance strategic solutions to natural resource challenges and prepare the next generation by supporting environmental education. We are rooted in California but seek impact beyond it.

Our goal is to spark durable change.

We value the natural world and believe environmental solutions and a conservation ethic strengthen communities, economies and human well-being. We seek to empower a new generation of environmental leaders, scientists and engaged citizens.

We commit enough time and resources to make a difference.

The Pisces Foundation supports organizations working to advance environmental education; improve the stewardship of water resources; and reduce global climate change. We support environmental literacy because we believe it yields a range of important benefits to people and communities today—and is an indispensable building block of an environmentally sustainable future. We work to forge new approaches and solutions to protect water resources because the threats posed by increasing demand and pollution put at risk safe and sufficient water for people and the environment. And we support efforts to reduce global warming because without a stable climate our health, communities, and our economy are threatened by profound impacts.

We collaborate in partnership with strong leaders.

We support people and institutions in whose mission and leadership we believe deeply. We collaborate and convene to identify creative, outcome-oriented strategies. And we help provide resources to achieve our shared goals.

We are willing to explore uncharted territory and be an early mover.

We know achieving change at scale requires both careful analysis and calculated risk. We seek to learn from others, test our hypotheses, and measure our impact.

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